About Me

My name is Benedict "Ben" Xavier DeMoras (hence my website benxd.me) and my goal in life is to turn my passion for sustainability, combatting climate change, and environmental activism into a career helping to inspire action on climate change. In addition, I am an active beekeeper, website designer and developer. In my spare time, I am building a tiny house (which I now plan on using as an office space), enjoy sailing, graphic design, and photography. All my life, I have loved doing and making things with my hands. Once something interests me, I pursue it obsessively until something else takes its place. As such, I have made myself a very busy person. When I do happen to have a free moment, I love to spend it in the outdoors. I intend on applying to Cornell University for a degree in Communications and Environmental and Sustainability Sciences.

Want to learn more about what I am passionate about? Head on over to my interests page. Also, feel free to check out my blog of cool ideas.